Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or treat?

The Halloween stash can be hard to manage but with parental guidance and the mantra "all things in moderation" it is possible to succumb to temptation. Yet one North Carolina dentist is noted for offering monetary incentive, much like the tooth fairy, for kids to turn in their spoils. Paying $1 per pound, this cavity fighter is buying back Halloween treats and forwarding the confections to troops. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, this dentist is not alone.
I suppose it's better than the reaction from Willy Wonka's father. After trick-or-treating, Wonka had to watch his dad sort through the candy explaining why all of it was bad for the teeth. The entire booty was then thrown into the fire.
This particular N.C. dentist served in the military, yet he doesn't seem to remember that chocolate can not be sent to the troops. Items that melt are among restricted items and if shipped to soldiers, will be confiscated So what happens to those wonderful snack-size chocolate bars? Perhaps a candy burning can be organized and after that, the zealots can go after other things perceived unmoderated by lambkins in the populace. Books, rock music and movies have provided fuel for incineration at the hands of zealots who believe they have the monopoly on righteous beliefs.
Burn baaaaaaby, burn!


  1. More significantly, are confections more dangerous in the hands of the troops. A kid will eat until he's sick or comatose. A soldier under constant stress might eat far more dangerous levels of sugar to his or her detriment. Can one overdose on suger? Didn't think that someone could drown by the ingestion of water until the incident involving the radio DJs last year. There's alcohol poisoning. Is there sugar poisoning? Hmmm

  2. Good question - sugar coma can make one sleepy and less responsive. Not a good thing for soldiers!

  3. We've taken imagination away from our children, why not their candy?? We've taken away their ability to deal, accept and move on from rejection, not being the best or first on teams, the ability to be ridiculed because they are different and the knowledge and compassion to accept those that are different. So aren't we as parents doing more harm to our children by not teaching them moderation and enough is enough?