Thursday, November 6, 2008

Addendum to "Fall" blog

When I finished the video I asked my 19-year-old son if he wanted to see it. "Sure," he said. After watching it he said, "Good song." Such a dry sense of humor, that kid.
"What about the pictures?"
"I see them all the time."
"What? My photos?"
"No - trees - they're everywhere."
I gave him a look. He chuckled in amusement and said, "Well, maybe after I spend eight months in the desert I'll be more excited about seeing pictures like that."
He is going in the Army in a couple of weeks.
He'll need that humor, just like I needed mine to raise him."


  1. Hello Iris! Where are you? We miss your wisdom. Did you leave us for another blog?

  2. Thanks for the prodding. I'm here and have been pondering a post prompted by Prop8. I don't want to lament a tiresome subject but may approach it from a different perspective. Look for something later today!!!
    It's nice to be noticed :)