Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sleeping on the Job

According to a recent study, napping on the job is a good thing because it increases productivity. Perhaps the fired air traffic controllers should be reinstated, compensated for undue stress, and given raises for actually doing a good job.
Personally, I often wish I could take a nap, but the situation is not conducive for plunking down my head and dozing. I realize that the average five-hour-a-night rest that I get is not sufficient. I also heard about a study that says lack of sleep can cause weight gain. So, for my sanity, and in hopes of repairing my metabolism, I have made an effort to wedge out more time for a good night's rest. The result: I wake up after five hours, and when I go back to sleep, the remaining time is fitful with odd dreams, multiple awakenings, and a lot of movement. Maybe I can concentrate my efforts to have dreams about fitness classes and channel my movement to a workout in order to gain physical benefit to combat the effects of sleep loss.
Anything beats counting sheep .... one, two, three, four, fi... baaaaaa.

Nabih's Sleepless Night from Patricia Perkins on Vimeo.