Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plane crash story fails to fly

I have just about reached my limit on hearing or seeing negative comments about Muslims. If the American population who show as much hatred towards this group of people, showed the same amount of hatred towards gangs, our cities would be much safer.

Today's article on AOL news about newly emerged video of an Iranian plane crash caught my attention. While AOL is not my choice of news sources, I do glean news from the headlines and then look for indepth information elsewhere. In looking elsewhere, I discovered that the video is actually a military aircraft with 7 people on board. Regardless of who and how many are on board, the crash is horrifying.

The comments made by people in regards to this story on the crash are evidence that some people only have brains to maintain their organs for bodily viability. Using any thought processes are beyond their capacity.

My response to those comments pretty much sum up my opinion, even though my statement was made on the assumption the article and someone referencing an airline crash was correct. That is my mistake, but doesn't change my basic message. I'm sure it is about as useful as the article that preceded, but it helped me let off some steam.

As a former news editor, I agree - the reporting here is terrible... this is
not "new footage."
New footage of a crash that happened two years ago is
impossible. A new discovery of footage, or newly-released footage IS possible.
The video is NOT new.

As for the idiots that are hoping a bunch of Muslims died and wondering why Americans should care 1) It is immoral to watch 168 people spiral and crash to the ground regardless of who they are. 2) Just because the plane is from a country that Americans distrust does not mean that all the people on board are from that same country; 3) Muslims are not bad people - terrorists are bad people. Terrorists who claim to be Muslim but do not practice the laws of the Muslim religion have given an entire population a bad name. If you believe terrorists represent the Muslim community, then you must believe that Westboro Baptist Church is representative of ALL Christians.