Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Beginning

When the news broke of Obama's victory, it felt like a veil was lifted. Fresh air and new hope have infiltrated the nation. As I listened to the news, watched Twitter comments and scoped news websites, I also scrambled through photos on Flickr and used them to compile my first video effort. The photos are low resolution so the quality isn't the greatest, but I still wanted to share my excitement. I hope your enjoyment is half of what I had in creating it.


  1. Although my husband and I disagreed on candidates I would look at our new president as a new beginning, no matter which candidate had won. I will admit the now overly dressed and styled Palin being so near the major powers to be was way too scary for me and McCain is way too conservative I feel the American people made the right choice. And I believe it was a choice made by the American people. This election has been decided by the people and not those folks sitting up on Capital Hill. I believe that our new President will work hard for the working people of the United States of America. I believe he will look at the whole picture and work towards what is best for the entire nation. I also believe there are changes coming that will help the USA get its dignity back as well as its respect. My hope is that congress will allow him to be President of the USA and work with Obama to help get the United States back on her feet! God Bless America!!

  2. Iris,

    Yes, it's a desperately needed new beginning, that I hope will renew America's self-confidence and optimism, which is essential for economic recovery.

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting comments on mine. I added a link to your blog here on my NC Voices page. Are you on Facebook?


    Jim Buie