Friday, December 4, 2009

Reflecting as a caregiver

Caregiving doesn't have to be a full-time effort for the duties to be all-consuming. When someone you love needs help of any kind, they stay on your mind, often interrupting your thoughts and efforts towards other obligations. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I find myself neglecting this blog at times.
I constantly see topics I wish to address, but my mind is diverted towards my own survival and the needs of my mother. Even though she is in a retirement community, she lives independently, but not self-sufficiently. Thus, my reason for creating a new blog.
Muttonchops is designed to address social issues, so rather than sprinkle in unrelated topics, I am creating one that focuses on caregiver issues. Hopefully, I can provide insight and humor, as well as unload my brain of some stress so that I can redirect my energies to more productive endeavors. At least, for now, that's the plan. Feel free to sit in on the Caregiver's Window Seat (

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