Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Moon illuminates skewed justice

Celebrating a birthday at the movies is not unusual, but a Chicago woman spent two nights in jail for trying to record the event. She now faces up to three years in prison for film piracy charges. The 22-year-old recorded a group of friends singing "Happy Birthday" to her older sister who turned 29. Presents were opened and the gaiety was caught by camera, along with approximately four minutes of the feature film, "New Moon."
The accused claims that she was not filming the movie, voices can be heard, and the focus is on the party subjects, not the feature. I have no reason to doubt that is not the case, and believe authorities should let the incident go with a warning.

The main crime here, not punishable by law, is the ruckus this group probably made for the remainder of the audience. Movie tickets are expensive, and I don't tolerate rudeness in a theatre. If you have a phone call, conversation, screaming baby, or other distraction, I will remind you to leave when you don't do so promptly. My imagination goes wild at the prospect of witnessing a full-blown birthday party with adults giggling like adolescents while the movie is playing! (On a side note: Why would you open presents in a theatre? Where do you keep them - on a sticky floor or in a seat that flips closed?)

Like many accused criminals, facts surrounding the incident can cause a great deal of embarrassment, regardless of the final outcome. A grown woman spent two nights in jail because she was recording the ridiculous behavior of a party while watching a very bad, very adolescent movie. Perhaps Hanna Montana DVDs and Britney Spears CDs were among the gifts!

While Chicago police broke up this movie piracy scam, the Salahis have bounced a check to a liquor store for $24,000, they roam free after breaching White House security, and are trying to scam payment for interviews. As politicians have proven for many years, criminals get free reign in the D.C. area.

Maybe it is time for Justice to remove her blindfold and take a look at her enforcers.

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