Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brain Strain

Letting others draw conclusions and define opinion is so much easier than thinking through issues alone. At least, that must be the reason that people are quick to jump on a bandwagon before checking the wheels.

I have a friend that is a strong republican. He forwards emails to me that bash Obama but I don't complain since I know how to use my "delete" button. On Friday, CNN reported that some delegates were heading to the democratic convention with the intention of voting for Hilary Clinton. These representatives feel that if their state voted for her then they should reflect their voters' preference. The reporter went on to say that it was a type of homage to Clinton's efforts. She has publicly backed Obama and both candidates reflect a united party.

Today, my friend sent an email that quotes obscure news reports of Clinton's plans to fight for the nomination at the convention. My next email is from the Clinton campaign saying the senator is looking forward to the convention and supports Obama.

I see my friend falling into the same category as many others: If the information falls somewhere within your range of beliefs, who cares if it is accurate - forward it! Personally, I prefer to dig for the truth before I send an email to others that publicly demonstrates my gullibility and lack of independent thinking.

The same process is true in many other instances. I have witnessed people fabricate information even though they had no understanding of a situation. They tell their friends and suddenly everyone believes complete nonsense!

The negativity and falsehoods people spread can be overwhelming. Chicken Little had the whole barnyard in a panic and as a child, I couldn't figure out who was worse - the chicken sounding the alarm or the animals that listened. Frankly, they all got on my nerves.

For you sheep that didn't get the moral of the story, just know that it is baaaad to believe everything you hear and look up at the sky next time someone tries to make you believe it is crumbling.

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