Friday, August 1, 2008

Authority Priority

A wolf with a shepherd's hook does not make the best herder; yet the public continually gets led by false authority figures. For many years, Jesse Jackson has been in media interviews representing various causes. He managed to ride the coattails of Martin Luther King, Jr. and has hopped into the limelight whenever possible. Throughout his career he has made gaffes fueling satire over his lack of verbal coherency, an affair resulting in a child, and showing up in any location where there is perceived racial injustice.
In spite of his cartoonish reputation, there are people who actually believe he is worthy of respect and an expert in race relations and civil unrest.
With elections looming in the near future, media outlets are pulling in people who are supposed analysts, experts, and party representatives. I listen to them state their cases, argue against opposing views, and give opinions about how campaigns will progress. I've even heard a couple of people say, in a disguise of verbosity, that they didn't have a clue what is happening or would happen.
I listen to interviews and news bites with a dissecting ear. Unraveling the conversations, I toss the waste and hold some tidbits of information to compare to later news stories or to investigate further on my own.
My frustration comes from knowing that other people don't care. They take the news stories for face value, listen to faux-experts and plug the information into their belief system. Unfortunately, these baaaaaad sheep are then herded into the polls and vote for politicians. Later, the herd bleats about how the politician changed after getting into office. NO! The politician doesn't change. Instead, the wool is pulled away from the public's eyes and they finally are faced with facts that were there all along.
Grab the shears before it's too late and really look at the wolves that are feeding you!

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