Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crowd mentality over Bin Laden's death

The hour is late, and with the rest of the world, I am watching President Obama's announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death. As the news cameras focus on growing crowds in the street, cheering and singing, I cringe a bit. I am hesitant to rejoice in anyone's death because of my profound spiritual belief that there is a higher justice. Karma is a bitch, and as soon as I bleat with the sheep over Bin Laden's death, justice may turn the shears on me.
I also stop myself from joining the pep rally because Bin Laden may have been the mastermind behind Al Qaida and terrorist acts, but he did not act alone. When Dorothy killed the witch, the guards looked upset, but quickly hailed her actions. I have a feeling members of Bin Laden's clique' will not be so quick to jump the fence into greener pastures. They are trained; they know how to retaliate. Americans cheering on worldwide television is merely going to piss off the terrorists. The crowd mentality is merely cementing the misconception of Americans being evil and self-absorbed.
Yes, Bin Laden was evil; yes, he issued an attack against the US; yes, the world is better off without him. Shouldn't we recognize these points without deteriorating to the same level of the terrorists that cheered when Americans died on 9/11?


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  2. Iris, I know its inadvertent but you have used Obama 3 times and I believe you meant to say Osama. Don't know if you can correct the post or not, nicely written piece though.
    Jim Rumley
    Semper Fi

  3. Thank you, Jim. The previous comment noted the error in a less tactful manner. I should know better than to do anything in a hurry, including a timely blog post. At least you understood my intention. Fixing the typo was simple.

  4. Great post! The immediate availability of open media frequently comes back to "bite us in the butt"...and you're so right: Karma is a bitch! Glad he's out of the way, hope the virgins were pigs (literally) and still praying for America. Thanks for the well-written post.

  5. Thank you Beth - I have wondered if he now understands what he did; if there was any clarity in his death. I believe people like OSB are put here as a mirror - what he has done isn't as important as what our behavior is in reaction to his behavior.