Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ted Williams Update

I wrote an earlier blog about Ted Williams and his fast lane to popularity followed by the plummet to rehab. As a guest on The Today Show, Williams provided a positive update. (video is not available for embedding yet - click the link provided).
Time will tell if Williams is indeed on the road to recovery. Addicts are great manipulators and will say what they believe people want to hear. Sometimes, they want their tales to be true, and believe voicing the words will create the reality they want. They also try to minimize their problems and are trying to control the negativity of the situation.
Certainly we can hope Ted is doing well and will stick with his recovery program. His road has become difficult and steep. Hopefully those around him will let him traverse at his own pace, provide support, and avoid enabling him.

(Photo by Brian/NCReedplayer)

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