Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nashville - still waters run deep

Note: I've made multiple efforts to correct the sizing on this video to no avail. If it appears skewed on your monitor, view on YouTube.

I heard about it on the news - briefly. Tennessee was hit with terrible rains a few weeks ago; Nashville flooded. That was all. No rallying cries for aid to a community devastated by a 500-year flood; no ads for fund-raising concerts; no celebrity endorsements through Larry King interviews. Like the rain, the news dropped the flood waters and moved on to other locations.

Thanks to my sister from the Memphis area, I have been enlightened. One thing you will notice in this footage - the photos are varied. Most news stories latch onto a few photos that are shown over, and over ... and over again, as though the producers have Asperger's Syndrome.

Read more at "We are Nashville."

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  1. We need to learn to take care of our own and stop being the police and savior of the world forcing our beliefs and culture onto other parts of the world. No you didn't hear a lot about the flood and no one offered free phone calls and games on Facebook didn't offer to continue to help a nation become something it has never wanted to, to accept the culture and beliefs of others for months after the disaster. Most of the country singers and bands live in Nashville and lost not only their homes and all of their equipment with which they make a living for their families. They did rally around and set up a fundraising concert, but has the everyday person heard about that, over and over on the news? No, unless you are a country music fan and listen to their radio station you never heard a word. Part of US history has been destroyed in this flood, but people in Nashville rallied around and picked themselves up, never asking or expecting things to be handled to them. They never looked to put the blame on anyone. They accepted the fact that this was a natural disaster and these things happen. Blaming others and sitting back is not something the people of Nashville did or even thought of doing. It's time we take care of our own and work on getting our nation back to helping itself and to stop expecting a handout every time something happens and wait for others to take care of the situation and to look at always blaming others.