Saturday, January 30, 2010

Metal Storm of Destruction

When Alfred Nobel developed a way to control nitroglycerin for explosions, his intent was to make construction and blasting rock safer. He was a man with strong interest in social and peace-related issues and his invention of dynamite was intended to promote industry and progress - not as a giant step in the arms race. As a result, his fortune was used to begin the legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize.
I was reminded of Nobel's story upon learning of Metal Storm, a company that is developing new technology in weapons systems. Their concept is impressive and powerful, as shown in the video below.
Radical idiots in other countries have proven the need for defense, so I don't question those necessary, yet loathsome, tools. However, I am terrified of this next generation of weaponry. I can only wonder what these devices can do in the wrong hands, and I question if they are in the right hands now. The term "boys and their toys" also comes to mind when I consider that no women are on the executive board of this company. Men like Nobel and Gandhi head the list that proves men to be peaceful, yet it seems to take a great deal of testosterone to develop destruction. (Oxymoron intended!).
The U.S. Department of Defense may be ecstatic about the progress, but do they have the technology to defend our soldiers when these weapons are turned against our own forces - and do local police forces have the funding and know-how when these guns are in the hands of gang members and other criminals?

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