Friday, October 9, 2009

Wisdom to know the difference

The italicized text below was sent to me in an email, obviously supported by the friend that sent it. The message absolutely makes my skin crawl and sends chills up my spine. I will send a note to the person saying "Surely you don't believe this crap?" yet I am fascinated by the way people are so easily led, or accept such sweeping, generalized remarks.
Even the most wholesome of television shows has issues. The Cleavers and Nelsons had no racial diversity and set a standard of an unattainable family lifestyle that forced the average American to build a wall around any deviation from the publicized "norm."

Do people immitate what they see on television? Or is television merely a mirror of what people do? Personally, I see give and take in the public's relationship to media. Video games and movies do not create violent children. Unstable children believe they can mimic fantasy.

My children would see idiots doing things on television, laugh, and say, "How stupid can people be?!" They learned the difference between fact and fiction, and used critical thinking skills, which serve them well as adults. If only the creator of the following statements had critical thinking skills of his or her own!

The following are examples of what we are teaching and allowing to be taught to our children. There are many others that do much the same.
How much of the following do you want your children doing?

  • American Idol – Dance your Ass Off - Dance – We glorify sexually explicit dancing

  • American Idol - Sing – We glorify singing of immoral actions

  • UFC - Cage Fight – WWE - We glorify “no rules” fighting

  • Various Fraudulent Movies [Fahrenheit 911, Inconvenient Truth] Actors – We glorify acting and actors of ill repute who have no real veracity, character or life experience

  • Various Shows in search of Food - Food – We encourage the glorification of food and gluttony

  • Commercials Drinking – We encourage the glorification of drinking and drunkenness

  • Mad Men - Sex – We encourage sexual promiscuity, adultery, corrupt business practices

  • Chemistry Teacher Making Illegal Drugs - Drugs – We glorify the manufacture and sale of illegal drugs

  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – Glorification of homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle

  • Glorification of Politically Corrupt and Questionable people - OBAMA AND COMPANY

And all the above comes from the “ Hollywood ” crowd and movie/network moguls.

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