Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcoming the new year

During my life, each year has entered in new fashion. As a young child, I remember my parents going out for the evening with friends. As a teen, I babysat for neighborhood kids while their parents went out (often with my own parents!). I have been to a few New Year's Eve parties but most of my years were spent safe and sound by the television.
I've been wide awake and snoozing, sick, well, and tipsy. I've spent it alone more times than I care to mention and spent it with someone special.
As I reflect on years past, I recall the various celebrities that have rung in the year.
Not being a television historian, I can't be certain who the first was, but I do know for many years, Guy Lombardo was the leader of the band (pun intended).

Dick Clark soon took to the streets of New York counting down with the rest of the nation. I have to wonder if youth of today realize what an icon Clark is and how much he influenced music and television from radio to "American Bandstand" to game shows. He created the American Music Awards and was a murderer on the last "Perry Mason."

Since then, the tube has exploded with everyone counting down one way or another, yet none of the faces have held out as long as the two icons above, together covering nearly a century of new years. As we look to the future, don't forget the past!
Cheers and good wishes for a prosperous 2009!

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  1. Hadn't heard the name Guy Lombardo in years.

    I've always regarded New Year's a tad differently. It's waking up in the morning of the 1st that always seems special to me, not the midnight passing festivities.

    All of us have another opportunity to start anew.

    Happy New Year. We're part of the New Media/Social Networking revolution. 2009 has to be a special year!