Friday, October 24, 2008

Eat your veggies

Graphic artists do have a reputation for taking liberties with their designs practically creating a picture hunt game within any artwork. My OCD tendencies have my eyes picking out patterns in the most mundane places like wallpaper or mosaics however I have never been one to study a pack of brocolli like this woman did. Either the photographed brocolli was picked from a fairy garden or the artist got bored and photoshopped his (ahem) buds into the design. Either way, these folks are a bit green around the gills.
Speaking of buds, at least these were talking heads as opposed to the naughty bits people have found in advertising like Ikea, Camel cigarettes and Coca-Cola.
Are people finding this stuff because they are sexually repressed (when the design is phallic) or do they really have nothing better to do? I would say that I need to pay less attention to the nutritional charts and study the graphics more, but since I'm neither sexually repressed or bored, I'll leave the hunt to those with eagle eyes.


  1. Had to go check out the broccoli! Did you check out how many folks commented on the broccoli story? Fascinating.

  2. The story seems to have grabbed quite a following and the comments are interesting. Now if I could just develop that kind of following ... looks like veggies draw more attention than lamb!